evlua - an open-source framework

Introducing our revolutionary open source framework – a cross-platform Lua runtime environment designed for building highly scalable web applications. Our cutting-edge technology is engineered to achieve IO event-driven (async) processing, multi-threaded co-operative multitasking, and the use of co-routines for smooth code flow – eliminating the need for callbacks or promises.

Our framework is inspired by the best in the business, including Node.js and Golang. The framework was built to provide a powerful and versatile solution that enables developers to use Lua (4GL) for development and create highly scalable web applications with ease.

With our open source framework, you’ll have access to a powerful platform that delivers fast and reliable performance, all while maintaining an easy-to-use interface. So why wait? Join the revolution and start building scalable web applications today with our innovative Lua runtime environment.

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