Enabling Climate Research Through IoT and Technology

Enabling Climate Research Through IoT and Technology


In today’s world, environmental sustainability has become a pressing issue, and the need to track and monitor the environment’s characteristics has become more important than ever before. However, gathering environmental data can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to collecting data from multiple locations across a large area.


To address this challenge, we were approached by a wi-fi infrastructure pioneer working with an eminent educational institution to develop a system to track environmental characteristics at different locations across the country. The approach was to use IoT through devices designed by a 3rd party and install them in different locations to collect environmental data. The devices would transmit the data to our data ingestion platform, which would store the data and make it available for analysis.


To build this system, we developed a data ingestion platform that could receive data from devices installed in various locations in India. The platform had a listener for messages that would be pushed to ActiveMQ, a message broker, ensuring efficient data transfer.

The data collected from the devices would be ingested into Amazon Athena, a cloud-based data warehouse service, allowing for seamless data querying and analysis. This platform made it easy for researchers to access the data collected from various locations, compare it, and draw insights for their research.

Overall, this solution provided an easy and efficient way to gather and analyse environmental data from different locations across India. It helped researchers to track and monitor the environment’s characteristics, which is critical for developing sustainable solutions for our planet’s future.