A User-Focused Pocket Money Management App for Teenagers

Teenagers Splitting Expenses on Phone


Managing pocket money is a common issue faced by teenagers. They often struggle with budgeting, saving, and tracking their expenses, leading to overspending or running out of money before the end of the month. This can lead to financial stress and difficulty managing their finances in the future.


To address this problem, we developed a progressive mobile app for our client, built using React that helps teenagers manage their pocket money expenses. Our approach was to create a user-friendly and interactive app that teenagers would find engaging and easy to use.


The app we developed includes a range of features to help teenagers manage their pocket money, including:

  • Capture income and expenses: Users can easily record their income and expenses through the app, making it easy to track their spending.
  • Categorize expenses: The app allows users to categorize their expenses, making it easier to see where their money is going and identify areas where they can cut back.
  • Make savings plans and track against plans: Users can set savings goals and track their progress towards these goals, encouraging them to save money and develop healthy financial habits.
  • Sharing expenses through groups: The app also includes a feature that allows users to create group plans for outings, parties, or other activities, and track their expenses against a budget. This feature encourages users to collaborate with friends and family while still being mindful of their budget.

To power our app, we used Google Firestore as our backend. This allowed us to store and retrieve user data quickly and efficiently, ensuring a seamless user experience. Overall, our app provides a fun and interactive way for teenagers to manage their pocket money and develop healthy financial habits for the future.